Believe It Or Not . . . It’s Back-to-School time!

Max & Alphie know that many of our southern friends (especially those in Georgia) have headed back to school today to start a great new year! We wish you all a year of great success!

Even though many more of our friends have several weeks of summer vacation left, we know that most people’s thoughts turn to school when the calendar turns to August! One of the first skills that Kindergarten children work on when they start school is letter and number formation. Why not get a head start on these skills with Fundanoodle’s easy-to-use writing activity books.

Check out this video which provides an overview of the Fundanoodle writing workbooks! Our friends Max & Alphie help children learn to form letters and numbers with action words like Zip, Zoom and Buzz, while providing visual cues like red and green lines for fun, intuitive learning.

When does back-to-school hit your house? Tell us below to be eligible to win an “I Can Write!” prize package featuring all of Fundanoodle’s writing books. Extra entries for tagging Fundanoodle when you share this post on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest!

Here’s to Back-to-School fun!


Teacher Tuesday…..National Handwriting Day

As you know, Thursday is National Handwriting Day.  (Don’t forget today is the LAST day to enter our contest.)  Here are a few of our favorite tips to helping your child or student improve their handwriting or make practice more fun!


Your child can practice handwriting ANYwhere!  While driving from one after school activity to another use the Fundanoodle Muscle Mover cards for your kid(s) to trace letters.

Have your child spell his/her spelling words in the air, practicing the correct way to form each letter.


2-Use fun writing utensils.

Is it a battle to get your child to practice handwriting, or do you hear groans from your students when it’s handwriting practice time in class?  Try using “new, special, or fun” writing utensils.  It’s very easy to find fun writing utensils at discount stores that can make handwriting practice FUN and not a chore!


3-Give your child a choice.

Let your child choose from 3 or 4 different handwriting activities.  Giving your child some ownership in the activity will make it easier for him/her to want to complete the activity.  If you don’t have several activities to choose from, have them choose the order on the worksheets.  (Who says you HAVE to start at the top and go to the bottom?)


Teacher Tuesday…..Snow Cream

As we most of us are experiencing the Polar Vortex, some of us were even lucky enough to have some snow with it.  There are many recipes for Snow Cream.  The following is a favorite among some of our Fundanoodler’s. 

Snow Cream:

1 bowl of snow

A few drops of Vanilla Extract

2 tablespoons of Sweet and Condensed Milk

Chocolate Syrup to taste

Mix all of the above ingredients except Chocolate Syrup.  Once mixed well top with Chocolate Syrup to taste and ENJOY!!!


Teacher Tuesday….Tis the Season

Everywhere we go we see the sights of the merriest time of the year.  Last week we talked about ways to count down those special events and even the “big” day.  What about the kids writing the sacred lists to Santa?  Writing these lists to the Jolly ‘Ol Man is a great time to practice handwriting without it making it seem like “work.”  Depending on the age of your child you can let them free write the list, or use the practice pages in the back of the Fundanoodle I Can Write workbooks to give line and spatial definition.  (Just be sure this activity stays FUN and doesn’t become a chore for you child or student.)


The above list could be made neater by using the Fundanoodle practice page.

15283 V3_2 dry erase board

Muscle Mover Monday….Uppercase G

Start your week with Fundanoodle’s award-winning Muscle Mover cards! Children can act out the movement from the cards to get the wiggles out, and then the fun continues by tracing the letter on the back of the dry erase card. Make sure to continue the blended learning by encourage the child to say the stroke movement out loud when they practice forming the letter.

Uppercase G

Buzz Around

Zip In

Fundanoodle by Carolina Pad Upper Case G Practice

Stretch like a Giraffe.

Fundanoodle by Carolina Pad Muscle Mover Upper Case G

Teacher Tuesday…..Vowels and BINGO…..Thanksgiving Style

  This week’s Teacher Tuesday comes from a kindergarten teacher at Mossy Creek Elementary School, in Cleveland, Ga.

  We LOVE these two ideas.  What a great way to have a little fun in the classroom while still incorporating those all important common core standards.  First, we see the kids working on their fine motor skills with tracing and coloring their hands to look like turkeys. Second, this activity also allows the children to be creative.  Finally, they review the vowels by making each “feather” one of the vowels.




The second activity is a Thanksgiving twist on an all-time favorite game, BINGO.  What teacher doesn’t need a game to break up the day, use as a time filler, or just a fun way to learn sight words?