Believe It Or Not . . . It’s Back-to-School time!

Max & Alphie know that many of our southern friends (especially those in Georgia) have headed back to school today to start a great new year! We wish you all a year of great success!

Even though many more of our friends have several weeks of summer vacation left, we know that most people’s thoughts turn to school when the calendar turns to August! One of the first skills that Kindergarten children work on when they start school is letter and number formation. Why not get a head start on these skills with Fundanoodle’s easy-to-use writing activity books.

Check out this video which provides an overview of the Fundanoodle writing workbooks! Our friends Max & Alphie help children learn to form letters and numbers with action words like Zip, Zoom and Buzz, while providing visual cues like red and green lines for fun, intuitive learning.

When does back-to-school hit your house? Tell us below to be eligible to win an “I Can Write!” prize package featuring all of Fundanoodle’s writing books. Extra entries for tagging Fundanoodle when you share this post on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest!

Here’s to Back-to-School fun!


Come Play With Max & Alphie This Summer!

We know many of you parents are busy planning your summer already and what better way to get your little monkeys back in school mode than with our FUN and interactive Handwriting Camps?! Held in early August, our camps are the perfect transition back to school while still being a fun Summertime experience your kids will love!

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You can register for both camps on our website or by downloading the forms below:

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For more information please fill out the form below!

Therapist Thursday…..Why WRITE?

by: Amy Bumgarner

In prep for National Handwriting Day, I could not help but think about why Fundanoodle is here.

So why teach handwriting? Is it really necessary for children to have the “best” handwriting, when so many schools are providing tablets, computers, and homework is done online? Of course, the occupational therapist in me, says “YES!” But, there is more to handwriting than just it being a motor skill that is important for development.

I was talking with a co-worker this week about the importance of teaching prewriting strokes to toddlers.  There are so many different schools of thought on what early intervention (including occupational therapy) should look like.  Some believe that early intervention should focus on the child in his/her natural environment and the daily routine of the family.  LOVE this concept, but unfortunately it can cause some skills to fall through the cracks.  If a parent is focused on communication and feeding, then when do we address the other skills of development.  It can leave an occupational therapist in a sticky place.  I firmly believe that children should be exposed to and master the basic prewriting strokes including, horizontal lines, vertical lines, circles, diagonals, and then begin putting these strokes together to form more complex shapes.  And, a lot of parents look at me and say “why.” In my mind, it is simple…

These strokes are the basis of drawing. How many of you have your walls and refrigerators covered with your children’s art work?  And, we always think it is more beautiful than do.  So, why not teach basic prewriting strokes just to facilitate creative expression.

These strokes are the premises of every letter of the alphabet.  So, maybe your child can type lengthy stories, but I want to see my child write his or her name on his artwork.  It is their signature, it is who they are.

And beyond just basic drawing and writing, handwriting is so important for

  • Increasing your child’s confidence in the classroom
  • There are actually still jobs that require handwriting
  • Technology does fail us at times, and our children need to be able to keep up and have a backup plan
  • Fostering self-expression.  I can remember every year of middle school and high school my handwriting changed.  It was just another way to show I was changing.  I loved playing around with the letters and putting my special touch on it.
  • As a child is more fluid in handwriting, it makes retrieval of knowledge much easier because he/she is not focusing on the actual formation of the letter.

So, have fun teaching your child all the skills he or she needs for handwriting.  Fundanoodle is a great resource for kids of all ages!

Therapist Thursday….Research on Handwriting

by: Michelle Yoder, OTR/L

Holiday travel provided me with plenty of opportunity to read!  I came across an article that reinforced what we, at Fundanoodle, believe in. When children are learning to read, they need a lot of repetition and practice with handwriting!

Dr. Karen Harman James, a neuroscientist from Indiana University, proved in her research just how critical handwriting is to general learning.  Brain imaging studies showed that changes in the brain occur as children learn to print letters when compared to typing.  Her research revealed that students show improvement in letter recognition and pre-reading skills when they learn letters by printing them, as opposed to other methods of learning such as visual or auditory methods or typing.

Additionally, her research related to cursive writing showed that college students were better able to recall information one week later when they wrote a paragraph in cursive, compared to printing it or using a keyboard.  Just another reason to teach your kids cursive!

You can read the whole article here:

Muscle Mover Monday….Uppercase G

Start your week with Fundanoodle’s award-winning Muscle Mover cards! Children can act out the movement from the cards to get the wiggles out, and then the fun continues by tracing the letter on the back of the dry erase card. Make sure to continue the blended learning by encourage the child to say the stroke movement out loud when they practice forming the letter.

Uppercase G

Buzz Around

Zip In

Fundanoodle by Carolina Pad Upper Case G Practice

Stretch like a Giraffe.

Fundanoodle by Carolina Pad Muscle Mover Upper Case G

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