Therapist Thursday: Summer Letters

Today’s Therapist Thursday post comes from Amy Bumgarner, one of the rockstar Pediatric Occupational Therapists that created Fundanoodle. We love her ideas for incorporating letters into your child’s summer play!

It is getting hot, hot, hot in Charlotte, NC! My kids and I are looking for cool activities this summer!  How about you?

Here are some “cool” ways to practice handwriting this summer!

Sponge painting with water: Using letter shaped sponges have your child practice writing words with water soaked sponges. See if they can write the word before it dries up on the hot driveway! For extra fun you could build your own letters with sponge pieces. Use the I Can Build Upper Case Kit as a model.


Sidewalk chalk: Sidewalk chalk is a great way to work on large muscle movements for writing.  Kids love it! You can have extra fun with sidewalk chalk by getting the tip of the sidewalk chalk wet for bolder colors.  Have fun making hopscotch with letters, playing hangman, and practice writing letters.  This is fun break in between pool and sprinkler fun!

Ice cubes and letters: Freeze small letters (such as magnetic letters) in ice cubes.  Then have fun building words with the letters before they melt in the sun.  How many words can you build before they melt?


Write letters on the ground or a vertical surface, such as the fence, with sidewalk chalk. As you call out a letter, your child gets to squirt the letter off with a water squirter. Spray bottles make a great hand strengthening activity, too.  For older kids, he or she has to say a word that starts with that letter before he or she can squirt the letter off.

Sensory bin: I always love a good sensory bin!  Have fun taking this one outside.  You can use a small kiddie pool, cooler, any tub, or water table.  Fill it with water, bubbles, water toys, and plastic letters.  Little ones can find all of a specific color letters, older children can find a specific letter, and even older children can find all the letters to spell a specific word.

sensorybinAmy Bumgarner, OTR/L



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