Fun with Easter Eggs All Year Long

Now, that Easter is over, what are you going to do with all those plastic Easter eggs? Here are some fun ideas to use the eggs throughout the year!

  1. Take them apart and have your child practice matching the different colors or designs to put the eggs back together. For older children, you could write an upper case letter on one half of the egg and a lower case letter on the other half of the egg. Then, have the child match the upper and lower case letters.
  2. Practice color patterns with the eggs.eggs1
  3. Put different dry materials inside the eggs, glue them back together, and let your child have fun with new sound makers. Some fun things to try inside are: rice, beans, pasta, small beads, a couple marbles, or coins.
  4. Play hide and find. Hide the eggs around your house and then give your child verbal directions on where to find the eggs. This is a fun way to work on following directions!
  5. Paint with the eggs. Open them up and use the open circle side to dip and paint and make circles on paper. eggs2
  6. Use them in sensory bins as scoops!
  7. Keep them in the kitchen for special play when your kids want to help you cookJ
  8. Matching game with a colored dot inside an egg carton and then the child matches the eggs to color in the egg carton. You could also write letters or numbers inside the carton, and then on the eggs too. eggs3

Amy Bumgarner, OTR/L


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