Therapist Thursday……SNOW PLAY

This is a re post about fun snow activities from January 3, 2013.

by: Amy Bumgarner, OTR/L

This is part one of a Therapist Thursday blog about fun sensory and fine motor activities. Whether or not you have the white stuff on the ground, let’s talk about ways to bring S-N-O-W inside!   This activities are great if you have little ones home under-the-weather, are going stir crazy indoors or just do not get the chance to see the snow for real! Who’s ready to play in the snow????

*Pour some salt on a cookie sheet and let your kids have fun drawing pictures, practicing letters, or writing words.  This provides a great sensory experience and a different way to get those hands ready for writing.

snow pic1

*Insta-Snow! Buy this product online here, at a dollar store, or in a toy store, and have snow in minutes! To make it feel more like snow use super cold water in the mixture.  Then, let your kids have fun digging for treasures (e.g. bouncy balls, jacks, Little People, miniature animals, coins etc.) in the snow, scooping the snow from one container to another (provide different sizes for added challenge) an, or writing in the snow.


*A sensory bin with snow balls!  Fill a plastic bin with cotton balls and then add some fun trinkets (cookie cutters, glitter, colored pom poms, ornaments, small figurines) and some scoops (an ice cream scoop is fun).  Let your child have fun playing in the snow village.    See what he or she can find in the sensory bin and then ask your child to create a story from the items discovered!
snow pic3

And you didn’t even have to put on a snowsuit to have this much fun in the snow!


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