Did You Know?

7 Fun Facts About Handwriting
by Michelle Yoder, OTR/L

  1. Four year olds who have strong handwriting skills are more likely to succeed academically in elementary school.
  2. Experts recommend 15 minutes of handwriting instruction every day!
  3. The Declaration of Independence is written in a type of handwriting called “Roundhand”.
  4. Cognitive development and motor functioning are enhanced during handwriting instruction and practice.
  5. Cursive writing is on the moon!  The signatures of Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, Edwin Aldrin, Jr. and President Richard M. Nixon are on a plaque on the moon!
  6. Handwriting instruction shouldn’t just be for young children because the fine motor skills associated with handwriting are not fully developed until the age of 10!
  7. 30-60% of an elementary student’s day is spent performing fine motor and handwriting activities!

Share these fun facts with your children and ask them what they would write on the moon! We would love to hear their answers…share them here, on Facebook or on Twitter at @Fundanoodle! And check out the moon story papers we pinned on Pinterest!


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