Teacher Tuesday…..National Handwriting Day

As you know, Thursday is National Handwriting Day.  (Don’t forget today is the LAST day to enter our contest.)  Here are a few of our favorite tips to helping your child or student improve their handwriting or make practice more fun!


Your child can practice handwriting ANYwhere!  While driving from one after school activity to another use the Fundanoodle Muscle Mover cards for your kid(s) to trace letters.

Have your child spell his/her spelling words in the air, practicing the correct way to form each letter.


2-Use fun writing utensils.

Is it a battle to get your child to practice handwriting, or do you hear groans from your students when it’s handwriting practice time in class?  Try using “new, special, or fun” writing utensils.  It’s very easy to find fun writing utensils at discount stores that can make handwriting practice FUN and not a chore!


3-Give your child a choice.

Let your child choose from 3 or 4 different handwriting activities.  Giving your child some ownership in the activity will make it easier for him/her to want to complete the activity.  If you don’t have several activities to choose from, have them choose the order on the worksheets.  (Who says you HAVE to start at the top and go to the bottom?)



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