Therapist Thursday….Happy New Year

by: Amy Bumgarner, OTR/L

Happy New Year! After all the celebrating (and lack of sleep), reality has really hit today! The excitement of the holidays is wearing off for the kids and all those new toys already seem old.  So, how will this year be different than the rest…lots of ways!

Looking back to last year at this same time, it is crazy to think how much a child has grown, changed, and done in just one year. As parents, this can be an emotional reflection for us; our kids are getting too big! For our kids, they are not big enough! So, have fun this New Year reflecting on the past year and dreaming up next year.

Have your child make a collage of the highlights from last year and a collage of hopes and dreams for this year.  Pull out pictures, old magazines, junk mail, and newspapers. Let your child be creative, practice cutting and gluing, and let them dream! After they have made the collage, take some time to talk about the items on the collage and journal about what the collage means.  This is a fun way to see a child’s perspective on life, and remember to hold is close.  There is beauty in the innocence of  a child. Happy New Year!


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