Therapist Thursday….on a Friday

Thank You Note Writing

by: Amy Bumgarner


Your children have spent the holiday season opening lots of gifts.  And, let’s be honest, a lot of kids are so excited about the gift that they forget why they got the gift, who got it for them, and to say thank you.  So, have fun this year, making it a tradition to spend the day after Christmas writing thank you notes as a family.  This is a fun way to go back through all the gifts that were opened on Christmas, talk about each one of them, and remind kids that there is more to the holidays than just receiving gifts.  

For your kids, help them come up with what to say in the note (even if you are writing it.) You may ask, “Why did you like this gift?” “How are you going to use your gift?” or “What is your favorite part of the gift?”  And, then make sure they get to practice “signing” their name.

If you would like to write non-traditional thank you notes, via text message or email, that would be fun too! You can add a special picture of your child with the gift. Just make sure they help come up with the word s to say “thank you!”

 This is a great way to keep “practicing” handwriting over the holiday break.  Have fun either sitting down together as a family, or writing one a day until they are done.

 Have fun! Your family and friends are going to love hearing from your children after the holidays!


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