Teacher Tuesday…..Christmas Baking

Every year its tradition in many households across the country to bake cookies for loved ones, teachers, postal workers, bus drivers and other  people within the community.  Oh yeah, and how could we forget jolly ‘ol St. Nick!!  Baking, whether it be cookies, fudge, breads or Christmas Dinner can be a great teachable moment.  Below are a few ways to make baking a fun learning activity!

1- Measuring – this can be a great  math activity, especially for this children who have already been introduced to fractions.  Show the child the fractions on the side of the measuring cup.


2-Mixing – when baking mixing all of the ingredients is just as important as combining the appropriate proportions.  Some recipes may call for light stirring with a lumpy batter, while others say mix until smooth.  Discuss that once all of the items are mixed just right then baked at the perfect temperature for the correct amount time; that there is a chemical reaction and the delicious cookie is created.


3- Patience – the all importance of patience can be taught while waiting on the goodies to cook.  This is a great learning experience for children of all ages.


4- Creativity – finally, let those little minds and fingers get to work on creating the most perfect masterpiece for Santa, grandma, the fireman or whomever.  Decorating cookies, though messy is such a fun way to spend quality time with your child and see their creative juices flow.



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