Therapist Thursday……Picking the Perfect Toy Continued…..

by: Amy Bumgarner OTR/L and Michelle Yoder OTR/L

Last week we discussed some of our top choices for muscle mover and active toys.  This week we will continue to introduce our top picks of toys for children who would enjoy brain builder/imaginative toys and toys that help develop fine motor/visual motor/motor planning.

Brain Builder and Imaginative Toys:

  • Get the Picture- a new toy for us!  Develops visual perceptual skills, visual memory, concentration, problem solving and cooperative play as you work to solve a mystery picture
  • Fundanoodle’s I Can Pound Activity Block– This is a favorite across the ages for girls and boys!christmast20136
  • Simon- perfect to address concentration and sequencing skills
  • Mr. Potato Head – there are so many different characters out there now, too!christmast201317
  • Pretend- Farm Animals, School, Housekeeping, etc.:  All foster imagination, motor skill development, cooperative play, language and social skills

 Fine Motor/Visual Motor/Motor planning:

  • Staxis- With careful concentration and motor coordination, gently pull out a stick without the structure crashing down!
  • Nuts and Boltschristmast20138
  • Fundanoodle’s I Can Bead, Lace, Rip, Tracechristmast20139
  • Dress Up Friend’s Pirate- works to increase independence in daily living skills by improving fine motor skills
  • The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Gamechristmast2013110jpg
  • Imaginets
  • Bristle Blocks- good for younger children
  • Straws and Connectors
  • Legos – These books are great for working on copying a design from a model!christmast201311
  • Wedgits
  • Tinker Toys
  • Lincoln Logs
  • Smart Max Magnetic Discovery
  • Pop Beadschristmast201312
  • Squigz- a new favorite as it provides nice resistance to strengthen those little hands!
  • Pattern Play
  • Beginner Pattern Blocks
  • Peg Boardchristmast201313

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