Therapist Thursday……It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year….

By: Amy Bumgarner, OTR/L and Michelle OTR/L

It is the most wonderful time of the year…for all the kiddos! More, more, and more toy advertisements!  And, they want them all! We are going to spend the next few weeks, highlighting some of our favorite toys and why they are our favorites.  (Use your favorite search engine to find these at a store near you!)

Muscle Mover/Active Toys:

  • Tunnels- use for weight bearing, core and upper body strengthening, build forts, develops ocular motor skills  christmast20131
  • Ogo Sport- great for bilateral motor coordination and strengthening ocular motor skills, as well as cooperative play
  • Scooter Board – great for upper body strengthening, bilateral coordination, and ocular motor skillschristmast20132
  • Ezy Roller- this riding toy requires use of both legs to propel it forward
  • Plasma Car – great for bilateral coordination and upper and core body strengtheningchristmast20133
  • Flying Turtle- this riding toy requires the use of both arms to propel it forward
  • Fundanoodle’s Muscle Mover Cards – Great for getting the wiggles out, core and upper body strengthening, and letter recognition, too!christmast20134
  • Hippity Hop Ball – Great for Core strengtheningchristmast20135

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