Teacher Tuesday…..The Countdown has Started….

As the busiest time of the year descends upon us, how are you helping your child understand the concept of time?  So many children have such a hard time understanding when holiday events are going to happen, or how long until we get to see special family members or go see the Jolly ‘Ol Man.  Whether at home or school this is a crazy, busy time of the year, but so exciting also.

To help with keeping track of all the exciting things happening here are a few ways to show your child/ren when something will happen.


This is a great way to “treat” the kids every day.  On the special day you can add a sticker or bow to show when the day is.


This calendar is a great way to cross out each day and note when events will take place.  It also gives the child a visual of what has already taken place as well as when something will happen.


This is one of our favorites.  This is a great way to put special holiday sayings or surprises.


This is an “oldie” but goodie way of counting down till Christmas.  Most major retailers sell this premade calendar and work great for the busy family.


Making Santa’s beard is a good way to incorporate common core standards into a seasonal activity.  Number recognition as well as counting are two skills needed for kindergarten students.  As you can see in the picture you can highlight the special days and cover one number per day.


This traditional countdown method works those little fingers, and we love strengthening those little fingers as much as possible.  For more experienced students have them cut out the strips and staple them together.  Students or children who aren’t as efficient at cutting just ask them to cut a few then to help staple the strips together.


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