Teacher Tuesday…..”Orange” You Ready for Thanksgiving?

We have been talking to some of our awesome teachers that use Fundanoodle in their classrooms for other fun seasonal activities they use.  Over the next several weeks we will feature some of their ideas.  What’s even better, is these teachers are also sharing fun and cute ideas their own children are doing in their classrooms!!!

First up is decorating with oranges and cloves.  We like this seasonal twist on an oldie, but goodie.  Erin Webber shared this idea her 2 year old daughter made at preschool.


Erin’s daughter worked on her fine motor skills by pushing the cloves into the oranges.  We at Fundanoodle love this because it’s similar to our I Can Pound Activity kit.  This is also a great activity to talk about how the orange feels versus how the cloves feels.  The students can also compare the smells of the two items.

This is a great activity to encompass several senses as well the Thanksgiving season. Parents will love this because it is something practical that can be displayed for friends and family to see during the Thanksgiving season.


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