Therapist Thursday….Fall Sensory Bins!!!

by: Amy Bumgarner, OTR/L

Sensory bins are one of our favorite activities! The possibilities are endless and they are great way to talk about current lessons, themes, seasons, or holidays.  As the leaves are changing, we have so much new sensory input to take in.  So, why not bring a little bit of it inside?

Have fun making your own sensory bin at home! You can go on a nature walk to gather some of the contents:

fall sensory ben

Leaves     Nuts       Twig      Pine cones           Straw     Pine Needles       Berries

And, you could add some fun stuff from the house too! Dried corn is fun way to add some extra “filling” to your sensory bin.  As well as any fall trinkets you may have around the house!

Once your children have had fun digging into the sensory bin, then take some time to talk about the different textures, colors, and how each object changes with the seasons.  Little kids can make a collage with the supplies, and older kids can write a story about the experience.  This is a fun way to work on using detail words in our writing (i.e., the color and shape of the leaf)!

You can also hide letters and the Magna Strips from our I Can Build Letter kits in the box so your child can practice letter recognition or building letters with the Magna Strips.


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