Teacher Tuesday…..Thankfulness

There are so many ways to show how you are thankful.  Many people who are on social media sites state everyday something they are thankful for the month of November.  So how do you teach thankfulness to your child or students?  Below are some ideas we love and have used in the past.

Visit an older friend or family member.  Spend time talking to them and learning about when they grew up.  Show your appreciation for their hard work to make your life better by making them a picture, batch of cookies or singing your favorite songs.


Create a Thankful Turkey.  Start by having your child (if developmentally appropriate) cut out a turkey and “feathers.”  Then each day add a feather that states what you are thankful for.


Finally, discuss things that you have in your house, classroom, etc.  Explain that these are all things we should be thankful for.  For example, food to eat; discuss how if we aren’t thankful for the hard work mom and dad do to pay for the food, we might not have food to eat.  Talk about the toys in the class or house and how we must be thankful for these items.  Explain how we can show thankfulness by saying “Thank You,” taking care of the items, putting them where they belong, etc.

If you have any ideas you use in your home of classroom we would love to hear!  Please share!


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