Teacher Tuesday…..Getting Crafty for Fall and Halloween

We love Pinterest!  Look at these great ideas for fun crafts or activities to do with your students!  Which one is your favorite?  Do you have an idea yourself, share it with us!

fall2Do you go on a Fall Walk? What a fun way to create a piece of art with the leaves you find!

fall1Who doesn’t love their child’s handprint?  Parents will love this art project  This is a great activity for those kids who don’t like to get their hands dirty as well as work on those fine motor skills when placing the “leaves” on the trees.

fall8This is a fun way to talk about the life cycle pumpkin of a pumpkin!

fall5In this pin, it is suggested to have a pumpkin hunt, like you do with Easter eggs.  What a fun way to get the kids up a moving and to have fun!

fall4Though this activity could get a little loud, the kids are sure to love trying to pop the balloons on the pumpkins.  We love this unique idea for a Fall or Halloween Party.

fall3What is Halloween without a black cat?  This is an extremely cute cat!

fall7This is a great way to get those little fingers working and moving!  The tearing and ripping of the tape is perfect to strengthen those little muscles needed in hands to write!

fall6This is a great gross motor activity!  Who doesn’t love to bowl and how much fun would it be to do with a pumpkin!

You can click on any of the pictures above to go directly to the pin for more directions!


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