Teacher Tuesday….Let’s Get Graspy…..(Pencil Grasp 101)

As mentioned yesterday we are going to focus on how a child holds a pencil.  These are a few of our favorite techniques to use in a classroom:

1-Easels- easels are not just for painting anymore.  Easels are a great way to have children “practice” the correct hand position for writing, without it seeming like work!!! When a child is writing on a surface that is vertical, they are forced to put their hands in the correct position while holding a writing utensil for success writing.  Check out the blog here where we talked more about using easels.

easel12-Short Crayons/Pencils-  Most of the time teachers who have a type-A personality want to throw away all those little crayon pieces that are acquired over the course of a school year, but DON’T!!  Those little crayons or pencils are perfect for handwriting practice.  When using a short pencil, a child has a harder time holding the pencil with a fist grip and must switch to an immature pencil grasp and hopefully eventually to a mature tripod grasp.

short crayons3-“Fat” Crayons or Pencils-  All kids develop at their own rates.  Some children take a little longer to refine those little muscles in the their hands, wrists and arms.  So why not help them.  For smaller hands that have a harder time holding onto skinny writing utensils, give them a chance to be successful using a more developmentally appropriate utensil.  Once they are successful and confident then introduce the smaller crayon or pencil.

fatpencilWhat’s one of your signature techniques to use when a child is struggling with a pencil grasp?  Let’s hear it!


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