Teacher Tuesday….Owls for Fall

As we welcomed in Fall this weekend, we were blessed in the Southeast with a rush of fall-like air.  Definitely put us in the mood for fun Fall activities.

We found this fun art project that can be adapted for preschool aged children as well as elementary aged children.  One thing we liked about this owl picture is that it fits in great with the Fall themes but isn’t too scary for those that are a little nervous about Halloween, or for those families who don’t choose to celebrate Halloween.


A couple of adaptations:

Preschool-let them finger paint the tree and limb.  Then continue with handprint owl.  Ask the child to name the colors as you use each one.

Pre-kindergarten-ask the child to paint the tree and limb, then make the hand print owl.  Depending on the fine motor skills of the students, ask them to cut out O-W-L and glue on the picture.  (Or they letters can be pre-cut)

Kindergarten-after studying owls for a science/language unit this is fun way to wrap up the unit.  Have the students complete the owl similar to the pre-kindergarteners.  Instead of cutting out the letters, ask the child to write the word owl.  On the back you can ask the students to cut out sentences and put order of facts about owls.


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