Don’t let sloppiness ruin your grades

By: Michelle Yoder, OTR/L

3 ways to use graph paper for neat work!


Neatness of school work is very important and can impact grades! The teacher must be able to read your work in order to grade it. Words that are too cramped or lack spacing between words make writing difficult to read. Next, sloppiness in alignment of math problems can cause errors! My daughter’s math teacher takes off points on the students’ notebook checks if the work is not neat. Try using graph paper to facilitate organization of work and to foster neatness.

1. Math- For both simple addition and subtraction to long division, graph paper can help achieve alignment for accurate solutions!



2. Introduction to Letters- We often blow up graph paper to form large 1 inch or larger squares to give boundaries for the letters when children are first learning to write. You’ve probably noticed that your early writers like to write big! Boxes often help reduce letter size. You’ll find that in our I Can Write Upper Case and Lower Case books, we use blocks to get students writing within a boundary.



3. Sentences-Graph paper not only alleviates cramping of letters within the word, but also promotes spacing between the words. Handwriting is so much easier to read when we use proper spacing!



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