Teacher Tuesday……6 Readiness Tips for Kindergarten

1:  A child who can follow simple 1 and 2-step directions will feel successful in kindergarten.
2:  Children should have awareness of the alphabet.  They should be able to sing the alphabet and recognize most of the letters.  The Fundanoodle Muscle Mover cards are a fun way to introduce letters using fun, whole body activity.
3:  Children entering kindergarten should be able to recognize and write their name.  This will help foster confidence as they enter a new school and classroom. Fundanoodle’s “I Can Build Letters” uses colorful magnets that allow children to build letters and increase hand strength.
4:  Children should be able to count to 20 and recognize numbers 0-10 upon entering kindergarten.  Fundanoodle’s “I Can Write Numbers!” or “I Can Do Math! Level 1” are both great, engaging activity books to master this skill.
5:  READ with your child.  Reading encourages interaction with adults.  Children also begin to make the association that letters form words.
6: Work on motor skills every day! Children with underdeveloped hand strength or upper body strength often have difficulty holding a pencil or sitting at their desk for longer periods of time. Fun ways to do it? Swing on monkey bars, throw a ball, string beads, hammer pegs, draw on the floor or on an easel, pick up cotton balls with tongs – these are some fun, interactive ideas. Learn more on Fundanoodle’s Pinterest page.

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