Therapist Thursday…..Library Time

Amy Bumgarner, OTR/:L

This week we ventured to the library for some cool, inside summer fun! I can remember story time at the library and the excitement of checking out new books each week at the library.  I think this is a simple joy often missed by kids now, as technology has replaced the need for many books.   When you think of the library the basic skill of reading comes to mind.  However, there are so many other skills that the library addresses too.

Communication and Sharing


Letter recognition: As you look through the books you can talk about and point out a specific letter. Or, you can look at how the books are arranged alphabetically by the author’s name.

There were some puzzles at our library too!


My littlest even had fun practicing turning the pages of books.  And, a little nibble here and there too!


We also talked about using our quiet inside voices and having a calm body.  And, then we practiced taking out one book at a time, remembering where it came from, and then putting it back.

Once we got home, we found a special place for the books so that we remember to take them back.  Borrowing is hard concept for my toddler, so this will be another fun way to learn about sharing and borrowing, just as we do with our friends when we play.


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