Therapist Thursday…..Stationary Summer Fun!

by: Amy Bumgarner, OTR/L

Summer is a fun time to be active and on the go! It is a fun time to play in the water.  And, it is a fun time to try new things.  This summer we have shared lots of fun ways to do all of these things.  But, what if life gets in the way???


How can you bring that same fun to your child when movement is not an option?

Sensory bins are a fun way to get some of the same tactile input you would other places.  A tub of sand with shells and beach toys can provide some of the same fun at the beach! A nature box with grass, pine cones, rocks, feathers, and more is a fun way to talk about the many sounds and textures of the outdoors.

Water table play. There are lots of fancy water tables to purchase, or you can make your own with a dish pan, utensils from the kitchen, and some dish soap for some bubbles.

The Fundanoodle iPad App is a great, novel way to practice writing too!

Try new activities such as lacing or weaving.  You can use two different colors of construction paper to make a placemat. The Fundanoodle I Can Bead, Lace, Rip, and Trace kit has some fun lacing cards!

Plant a garden. Digging is a great strengthen activity and fun tactile play, too.  Your child can also practice writing the names of the plants on sticks.

Bake some new recipes.  Baking is great activity for bilateral coordination.  Your child can also practice measuring ingredients too.

Origami Fun! Origami is great way to work on bilateral coordination and praxis.  You can all use laundry to practice the same skills.


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