Therapist Thursday….Motor Planning

by: Amy Bumgarner, OTR/L

Motor Planning is the ability to ideate, plan, and execute a novel activity.  For example, when a child learns to tie his or her shoes this is a novel activity for which they have to learn to execute.  Once the child is able to tie his or her shoes, the task is no longer novel. For some kiddos, everything they do is as challenging as learning to tie shoes.  For these kids, and all kids, it is great to work on motor planning.  It allows the child to practice the ideation, planning, execution for an activity and perfect these skills.  This will make new learning in the fall much easier!

Fun ways to work on motor planning this summer

Create an obstacle course in the backyard using blankets, chairs, picnic tables, or other outside toys and materials.


Play new games! Bring out some old board games or try a new one.


Teach your kids some fun dance moves on a rainy day!


Try out a new park, so child has the opportunity to practice climbing on novel structures.


Ride bikes and scooters around cones outside. Or, draw a path with sidewalk chalk.


Build with sticks, sand, wood, or rocks!


Try something new, like bowling, miniature golf, or a water park!


Play “Simon Says.”



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