Teacher Tuesday…..Swimming for letters

A favorite summer pastime is always swimming off the dog days of heat!  Well, why not throw in a little letter recognition while beating the heat?

One of Fundanoodle team member’s using the refrigerator magnets as “diving” toys for her children at the pool.  As her child dives for the letters, they name the letter when they bring it to the surface.  For her older child she has her also name the sound and make simple sight words with the letters.


This is a great activity for incorporating letter recognition in a fun situation and using the whole body in learning.

Your child like to jump off the diving board?  As they are walking to end name a letter and have the child say the sound.  For 1st and 2nd graders have them spell sight words to keep their brains working.

lilyswim lilyswim2

You can also use this with numbers as well.  The child can add the numbers as the bring them up from the bottom, or as they are walking to the end of the diving board.


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