Therapist Thursday….a day late!

by: Michelle Yoder OTR/L

Summer is officially here!  Have you started to wonder how you’re going to keep your kids busy?  Many times kids can find their own fun.  However, at times, boredom does set in and they look to us grown-ups for ideas.  Avoid the “Mom, I’m bored!” complaint, by having some fun summer activities ready to go!

I always enjoy watching the activities that my kids and their neighborhood friends come up with.  My favorite is scooter soccer, where they chase each other around on their scooters and shoot the soccer ball into the goals while still on their scooters!  Some other suggestions are:

  • Body Bowling or Human Bowling- they can do this individually or with a friend:  One gets on his tummy on the scooter board and propels himself into the pins. Or, a friend can see how far he can push his friend into the pins for a strike! Setting the pins back up into the pattern is a great visual motor task, too!  Have some sidewalk chalk handy so that they can keep score- this is always a great reason to practice writing numbers!
  • Parachute play is fun for the neighborhood, too! There are endless possibilities- take turns running under, lift it up high and pull it down quickly and sit under it, throw balls on it for a game of “popping popcorn”. You will be amazed at what the kids dream up! I love putting different things on the parachute that move at different speeds, as it fosters ocular-motor control.  (Find things around the house such as handkerchiefs, koosh balls, balloons, soft playground balls, etc. )
  • Tug of War-Again, help them figure out a variety of ways to play.  Suggest boys against girls, grown-ups vs. kids, family vs. family.

human bowlinghuman bowling2 human bowling3

tugowar parachute

And while you are at your cook-out gatherings, break out the sidewalk chalk for additional outdoor fun:

  • Draw a hopscotch board
  • Make a 2-D “corn hole” game with circles of various sizes with numbers inside to indicate the points earned
  • Make start and finish lines for relay races, whether they be running, having  scooter, or bicycle races
  • Illustrate a fireworks display or color a huge American flag!

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