Therapist Thursday….It Works!

by: Amy Bumgarner, OTR/L

My son is 2.5 years and always been a mover and a shaker! Gross motor skills have always been his strength! However, the occupational therapist is me could not ignore those fine motor skills.  From the time that he started developing a mature pencil grasp, around 2 years, I always encouraged a proper grasp.  Now, when I say, “Brinton, how do you hold your crayon?” he is able to correctly adjust his grasp.  For me, the OT mom, this is a big deal!!!

For Brinton, writing usually includes writing on something that he is not supposed to.  Because, as I said, he is my mover and shaker, so why would he want to sit still to write?  So, we have always encouraged sidewalk chalk and he loves bath tub crayons.  Just in the past couple of days, he has been very interested in sitting at the table and coloring! I could not be more thrilled! Not only do I finally get to work on those fine and visual motor skills, but I also get a little breather from chasing him around.










It is so much fun to watch him explore with writing and hear him describe his drawings to me.  Of course, I had to start working on developmental prewriting strokes and just see what he was capable of. So, I instructed him with the basic Fundanoodle strokes: “Zip Down”, “Zip Across”, and “Buzz Around.” And he did great! Now, when we sit down, he loves to scribble in circular strokes.  But, then he will stop and say “Look Mommy, zip down!” And, I’m in love! Not only with his cuteness, but also just to see my passion carried out in his little drawings.


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