ABC’s for Summer Play Activities

by: Amy Bumgarner, OTR/L

A – Act out a play

B – Balance on one foot

C – Crawl through a tunnel or under a table

D – Dig in the sand

E – Easel painting

F – Frog jumps

G – Gallop like a horse

H – Hop on one foot

I – Inchworm crawl

J – Jump for joy on a trampoline, in the grass, or into the pool

K – Kick like a donkey

L – Ladder climbing

M – Monkey Bars

N – Nature walk

O – Outdoor Play

P – Pedal a bike

Q – Quite time in a fort

R – Run in a race with a friends

S – Slide on a slide

T – Twist and turn until you are dizzy

U – Upside down hanging

V — Volleyball

W – Water play

X – “X”ing with sidewalk chalk

Y — Yoga

Z – Zoom on a scooter


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