Therapist Thursday….Summer Journals

By: Amy Bumgarner, OTR/L

Happy Summer! Most schools are finishing up for a summer break! Yay for the kiddos and teachers…it is time for a well deserved break! While everyone is ready for a much needed break, don’t forget how important it is to keep working on those school skills this summer.

Provide your child the opportunity to stay on top of his or her writing skills and be ready to start school in the fall.  Have fun with a summer journal where you child can spend just  10-15 minutes a day writing or drawing a picture about what he or she did that day.


Have fun decorating a special journal or just use a plain notebook. This is not only a good way to work on school readiness, but also a fun way to record the memories of the summer…so don’t forgot to be creative!


Also, have fun getting creative where your child writes! It doesn’t have to be at a table.  Having your child lie on his or her belly is great way to strengthen the upper body too!

So have some writing fun this summer!  Your child and teacher will thank you in the fall!


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