Teacher Tuesday….Fun Summer Activities

by: Cherie DuPuySummer is upon us and that means school is almost out!  Today we are providing you with FUN activities to keep your children occupied during those long, hot days. The following activities may seem like playing to you or your child, but each activity is working on those little fingers,hands, and bodies to keep them in shape for school!
Big Ice Cube Awesomeness


What you’ll need:




trinkets to put in water

food coloring


1. Fill Tupperware with water.

2. Place trinkets in the water.

3. Add food coloring then cover.

4. Place Tupperware in freezer.

5. When frozen, pop out and let your children go to town chipping away with child friendly tools.

Tweezing Sunflower Seeds


What you’ll need:


A sunflower


1. Use tweezers to pluck seeds from a sunflower.

2. Then toast the seeds and eat them for a snack

.DIY Bean Bag Toss


What you’ll need:

Plastic bowls

Bean bags

Index cards



1. Label each bowl with a number.  This is how many points the children will get if the beanbag lands in that bowl.

2. Place the bowls in a straight line.

3. Have the children try and toss the beanbag into the bowls.  This can also be a little math lesson as well as they try to add up their own points from their tosses.

Homemade Ring Toss game


What you’ll need:





long cardboard tube (from cling wrap, paper towel etc…)tape


1. Cut the center from some paper plates to use as your ‘rings’.

2. To make the stand just cut slits in the bottom of the cardboard tube and flatten the ends, then tape it to the reverse side of a plate so it will stand.

3. Let the rings fly!


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