Therapist Thursday….Dollar Store Finds Part 2

By Amy Bumgarner

Fundanoodle’s I Can Build Letter kits are a great multi-sensory way to allow your child to practice using his or her body to construct or write a letter before writing with a pencil on paper.  Other multi-sensory approaches you can use in conjunction with the kits include: sidewalk chalk on concrete or carpet squares, writing secret messages or pictures, and building straight lined letters or objects with popsicle sticks.

Photo Oct 25, 3 15 55 PM

dollarstorepart21 dollarstorepart22 dollarstorepart23

Fundanoodle’s Max and Alphies Adventures”workbooks are great for working on visual motor skills necessary for handwriting.  Using hands-on  2D and 3D manipulatives, such as puzzles and magnetic shapes are also great ways to work on those skills too!  do this before or after practicing in the Max and Alphie Adventures worksbooks to maintain the multi-sensory approach that is the basis for Fundanoodle.




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