Therapist Thursday….Fun Finds at the Dollar Store

by: Amy Bumgarner

Fundanoodle has so many great products for development of fine and visual motor skills in preparation for handwriting!  Here are some fun ways to add to those products, just by shopping at the dollar store!

The I Can Bead, Lace, Rip, Trace kit helps the child develop the pincer and tripod grasp in preparation for writing.  Ice cube trays are great for sorting, and they work on isolation of the pincer fingers too!   When putting in or taking objects out of an ice cube tray, the child is forced to use this fingers as well.


Just as ice cube trays help strengthening a child’s grasp, so do tongs.  Tongs are fun for sorting cotton balls, small trinkets, or colored candy!


In the upper and lower case muscle mover cards, various actions are paired with each letter.  Each of these actions has a specific purpose for activation and organization of the nervous system.  Whistling and blowing are some of the including activities. These are great oral motor activities, and are very calming the nervous system.  You can add some whistles or bubbles with the muscle mover cards for some extra fun!

  dollarstore3    dollarstore4


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