Third OT Spotlight…

HUGE shout out to Jill McKeand from Matthews, NC, who was nominated TWICE as a Fundanoodle Favorite OT!

Stacy Floyd wrote:

“Jill is an awesome OT who makes learning FUN through using several games, practices, and activities she does with her students! She has wonderful ideas that she uses with her students such as therapeutic listening, bouncy balls, and other wonderful activities. Jill is a caring wonderful OT who helps out with my students all the time! She always has time to help out even when she is busy and she always has great ideas for me to implement into the classroom to help with all my students, not just the ones who see her for OT. Jill is always smiling and in a good mood and willing to help anyone who needs it.”

Tonya Murray wrote:

“Jill has so many amazing ideas for improving both the general education and Exceptional Children’s programming at Socrates Academy to include continual education for staff members and parents regarding fine and visual motor skills, visual perceptual skills, sensory processing, etc. She also hopes to implement Fundanoodle in the regular classrooms, implement Brain Gym at least on a pilot-classroom basis, and Jill is passionate about her discipline of occupational therapy, as well as facilitating children’s love of learning through a multi-sensory approach.She has created and assisted staff in implementing a small sensory room for a child on the autistic spectrum. She has also consulted with teachers to create sensory boxes to be used in the regular classrooms. She has developed protocols for implementing Therapeutic Listening in the classrooms.”


Do you know an amazing OT? Share with us during National Occupational Therapy month. We’ll pick three winners to receive $150 prize package!Β  Click here to nominate.


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