Don’t forget

It’s still April, so it’s still National Occupational Therapy month.  Have you nominated your favorite OT yet?  It’s not too late!!  We are excited to spotlight the nominees so far in the next few posts.

otmonth2013 1

Meet Judith Scott from Tacoma, WA! Judith was nominated by Shannon Scott who shared this with us:

“This OT makes learning FUN with her students by always coming up with crazy ways to use things in different ways. She has all of us save milk caps, pringles containers, and other various things as she uses them with her students to work on OT activities. She has been an OT in the Tacoma Public Schools for 40 years and will be retiring soon. The other teachers in her schools come to her for ideas for holidays and creative crafts as they is the inventive one. She is also the one that can also get a student to perform when other are not able to as she really connects with children. She has a true passion for her job and her students. Judy is an amazing OT who is so skilled yet so creative! She is one of a kind and the Tacoma Public Schools have been so lucky to have her as an OT for so many years. Her shoes are going to be hard to fill.”

click the picture above to nominate your fabulous OT!


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