Teacher Tuesday…continuing to celebrate Earth Day

By : Cherie DuPuy

Happy EARTH Day- Earth day is a time to educate our children about our planet and keeping it clean. Today I have compiled my favorite Earth day books for you to enjoy and some fun activities.

EARTH Day books

Earth Day– Hooray! by Stuart J. Murphy

The EARTH Book by Todd Parr

Compost Stew by Mary MCKenna Siddals, Ashley Wolff

earthdaybook1   earthdaybook2 earthdaybook3

Recyclable Creation activity-

Start this activity by gathering recyclables around the school or have your children bring items in from home. In small groups, allow the children to create with the recyclables. Glue, tape and sometimes a stapler are needed to help the pieces stick together.  A teacher needs to be nearby to assist if needed in this area.  When the children have finished, have them describe their creation, while you write it down. Display their descriptions and their creations in the hallway for all to see.

Tissue paper Earth-

Give the children a white paper plate, green and blue tissue paper and glue.  Have the children tear the tissue into small pieces and glue them onto the plate. Explain to them that the blue stands for water and the green stands for land.   Allow them to create their own Earth.

Happy EARTH Day to all.


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