Teacher Tuesday….SMART Board time!

2012-09-21 09.24.27

Max & Alphie have been busy working hard to make their letter and number formation pages SMART Board compatible.  Fundanoodle is excited to have 74 FREE downloadable pages for the SMART Board available on the SMART Exchange.  You can download FOR FREE all 26 upper- and lowercase letter learning pages, numbers 0-20, and the progressive Fundanoodle blank practice page.

2012-09-21 09.26.39

Used in conjunction with Fundanoodle’s “I Can Write!” activity books, teachers and students can tap the instructions to hear Max the monkey zip, zoom and buzz to form letters.  Alphie also gives lots of positive reinforcement throughout the pages.  Teachers already love how multi-sensory Fundanoodle products are! Now, by adding the pages to the SMART Exchange, students who are auditory learners can hear Max and Alphie cheer them on during the learning process.

2012-09-21 10.27.33


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