Teacher Tuesday….Q-Tip Painting

by: Cherie DuPuy

Spring has sprung here in Charlotte.  When I’m not in the yard, I have been searching Pinterest for great fine motor activities.  My favorite one I found today is Q-tip painting.  Children can use a Q-tip to paint on anything and with anything.  Water, paint, glitter glue, the options are endless.  Holding a Q-tip helps develop the pincher grasp in one’s fingers. Here is new twist to Q-tip paint, you can have the child put the paint on the circle drawn within the picture. This activity helps with distal control.  Here are a few templates that I found made by Tova Stulbergeron, on the website www.therapyfunzone.com.  You can also draw your own or put circles into a coloring book page.  Share with us a fine motor activity you use!

qtip1 qtip2


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