Teacher Tuesday

Raise you hand if you are on spring break?  Well….a lot of the Fundanoodle team is enjoying a little R and R this week.  In honor of those taking advantage of the break here are a few quick ideas of ways to keep your kids in the school routine:


1-  Play “I Spy.”  It’s a great way to incorporate kids of all ages.  For younger kids focus on colors, shapes, environmental text.  For the older kids focus on letters, sight words, or numbers.


2-  Let you kids “read” the menus at restaurants.  This is a great way for children to start recognizing common words.  This especially works well with menus that have the pictures also.


3-  Let you kids “show off” for you.  Have a special art time and ask your child to show you the latest picture, word, drawing they learned at school.


4-  Have fun!! Most importantly, have FUN with your kids and enjoy this time with them!


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