Therapist Thursday….Easter Style!

by Amy Bumgarner

Look at these cute Easter projects that are also fine motor friendly.  It’s so great when you can combine “work” with play!!  The kids will never know they are strengthening those little fingers to get ready to write!

Easter Eggs:

You can hide a surprise inside, and have the child open the Easter eggs to find the surprise.  Then, they have to match the eggs and put them back together.

easter1     easter2

Create a patterned egg.

Draw an egg with different vertical lines to form sections.  Use different colored buttons, pom poms, sequins, or pipe cleaners.  Have your child make a pattern with each color.


Stained glass Easter eggs.

Cut an egg shape out of a coffee filter.  Using colored water (kool-aid, food coloring, or the leftover dye from Easter Eggs) and an eye dropper, drop one color at a time onto the cut out shape.  See how pretty it is when all the colors blend! Hang them in the window for a pretty Easter display!



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