Therapist Thursday….Fun Ways to Work on Letter Recognition, Part 3

by: Amy Bumgarner

  Today’s Therapist Thursday is the final installment of a three part blog series on ways to improve letter recognition.

  1. Scrabble – Have fun building words with your child and letting him or her be in charge of finding the letters for the word.
  2. Magnetic letters in sensory bin – Have some sensory fun!  Create a rice, bean, or cotton ball bin and hide magnetic letters in the bin.  Your child can find the letters and tell them to you as he or she finds the letter or you can give your child a specific letter to find.
  3. Build a letter – The Fundanoodle “I Can Build Upper (or Lower) Case Letters” is a fun way to build the letters piece by piece to see if your child can guess the letter while you are building it.  You can also have your child practice building the letter of the week.                                                                    Photo Oct 25, 3 15 55 PM

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