Therapist Thursday: Fun Ways to Work on Letter Recognition, Part 2

Today’s Therapist Thursday is a continuation of a three part Therapist Thursday that began two weeks ago.

By: Amy Bumgarner, OTR/L

  Today I will give four more activities for increasing letter recognition.  I like these activities because the children don’t always realize they are actually learning!  Remember, get them active while learning also!


  1. Reading a book – While reading a book with your child have him or her point out each time he or she spots the letter of the week.
  2. Letter bingo – Make a simple BINGO board game with the letters of the alphabet.  You can use your child’s favorite snack for the marker.  After he or she has earned a BINGO, he or she can eat the special snack.
  3. Letter puzzle – Hide the pieces around the house and have your child find the pieces and then tell you the letters as he or she is putting it together.  Or, just call out a letter to your child to see if he or she can find it and then put it in the puzzle.
  4. Show and Tell – Have your child find an item around the house that starts with the letter of the week.   Your child can then give you clues to guess the object that he or she found.

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