Teacher Tuesday….Wow, What an Organizer!!!!

By: Cherie DuPuy

Last week, I had the opportunity to be the sub for a second grade class. I was very impressed with how super organized the teacher had the classroom.  She had a place for everything and a procedure for every activity.

Just a few of the things I noticed:

– Upon entering each morning the student unpacks their backpack, puts their snack and water at their desk.  Lunch boxes go on a cart by the door, agendas are open on the desk for the teacher to see (making sure the parent signed and to read any notes), pencils are sharpened.  Finally, students can read or take an AR (Accelerated Reader) test.

– The teacher has a classroom helper for everything! Here are some I wasn’t familiar with…

– Smart board helper-turns on smart board to correct channel

– Class Librarian:  a student helper to return each book to it’s appropriate box.

Organized by AR and color.

– Substitute Helper-takes the place of anyone who is absent from their job.

– Date Helper-changes the date at the end of the day.

– Special Helper-changes the special on the calendar for the next day.

– Soap Helper-gives everyone a squirt of hand sanitizer on the way to lunch.

-When turning in completed work, the students put the papers in the correct box by subject. There is a box for each subject and one for all forms for the teacher.

– If a child is absent, there is a “What I missed when I was gone” folder.  Work that needs to be made up, is placed in here.  For example, lined paper with name and spelling test written on it.  This work can be made up in free time, if possible, or when an assistant is or parent volunteer is available.

– The teacher has a box for everything, even a can for holding the writing utensils needed.  A guided reading box holds the books needed and all materials are next to the guided reading table. On her desk, a box for each day with a folder for each subject. Everything I needed was in the box for the day.

Last but not least, and what I truly think makes her classroom awesome, are her expectations that she has for her students. Her students know what to do and when to do it. There are no unknowns.

There are a lot of awesome teachers with awesome ideas out there. I just happen to be lucky enough to come upon this one.

Do you know an awesome teacher with awesome ideas or are you one of them?  Please share your tips on running a smooth classroom.


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