Teacher Tuesday…The Cat in the Hat Style

By: Cherie DuPuy

When I think about the wonderful Dr Seuss, I think of The Cat in the Hat and rhyming.


Materials needed:

Red paper with a hat printed on it for the children to cut out

1/2 page of white paper for the children to cut into strips



Start by pulling the children into circle.  Read the The Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss.

Afterwards, read a few sentences from the book and have the children identify the words that rhyme.

Next, make a large word web with the word cat in the middle.  Have the children brainstorm words that rhyme with cat and write the words on the web. The children may come up with nonsense words, which I would include on the web.

Back at their tables, the children cut out the red hat and the strips of paper. They are to glue the white paper onto the hat in a red, white pattern.  Once this is completed, the children are to write an -at word on each line of the hat.



“Hey, This looks just like the Cat in the Hat’s hat!” – Anna Wade, age 7


Happy Birthday, Dr Seuss!

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