Therapist Thursday: Fun Ways to Work on Letter Recognition, Part 1

by: Amy Bumgarner, OTR/L

Today’s Therapist Thursday will be the first installment of 3 discussing ways to help children recognize letters.

Working on letter recognition with your child can be a challenging activity.  Some children easily acquire letter recognition, while some require a little extra assistance.  When this is a tough activity for a child, I often find it more motivating for the child to work on meaningful letters first.  This may include the letters of his or her name, the letters of a favorite character, or letters of family member names.  But no matter what the letter, try to make it meaningful for your child, by pairing with a special word.  Also, pick a letter of the day/week (or as long as needed for your child.)  Have fun using these activities to find that letter everywhere you go!

  1.  Eye spy –Look at store signs, street names, food labels in the grocery store, and license plates too! Count how many times a day you can find the letter of the week.licenseplate
  2. Word Searches – Have your child find the letter in a word search and highlight the letter.  After he or she has finished, he or she can count to see how many he or she found.  One word search can be used several times with a different color for each letter.                                                                                                     wordsearch
  3. Muscle Movers—The Fundanoodle upper and lowercase Muscle Movers are great (and fun) way to work on letter recognition.  I have fun spreading the cards on the floor with the letters face up and then asking the child to find a specific letter.  After they find the letter, the child performs the action on the other side and then practices tracing the letter.                                                                            amy gross motor cards

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