Teacher Tuesday: Squirt Bottle FUN!

Winter in Charlotte, NC, is never consistent from day to day.ย  It will be 60 degrees and sunny one day the next day we will get 2 inches of snow. During these months, I keep one of my favorite toys on hand; the squirt bottle.

Here are some fun ideas for a snowy day:

~ fill the squirt bottles with water, add some food coloring dye and let your children go outside and paint a picture in the snow

~ fill the bottle with warm water, and have your children squirt icicles

~ put ice cubes on the sidewalk and have your children squirt them to the other side

Now here are some ideas for a warm day:

~ have the children draw with sidewalk chalk and then squirt the picture with water to see what happens

~ hang a ball from a tree, or even use a bird feeder, as a target for them to squirt at

~ let them squirt the windows of your car and then wipe them down

My all time favorite squirt bottle activity can be used anytime of the year but it takes a little preparation. All you need is a bowl, water, and some trinkets. Fill the bowl with water, put the trinkets in, and then place the bowl in the freezer. Once it’s frozen, pop out the ice cube and have your child squirt the ice cube until they get out the trinkets.ย  The children love it, it keeps them busy, and it teaches them to place the ring, little fingers around the neck of the bottle and use the index and middle fingers to activate the trigger.

Do you have any squirt bottle activities that are a hit?ย  Please share!


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