Therapist Thursday….Valentine Style

by: Michelle Yoder, OTR/L

Your Valentines will have a sweet time with these activities!

We’ve had fun filling these hearts with various items this week.  For some children we placed letters inside, while other hearts had words in them.  The children pulled out the hearts from the bowl using large tongs to work on hand strengthening and tool use.  Then, they challenged their bilateral motor coordination skills as they opened up the hearts, as well as when they put the lids back on!  If they pulled out a letter from the heart, they identified the letter, made the letter sound and then chose an animal that started with that letter and moved around the room acting like that animal.  Some of them matched the letter to letters in their names or to letters in simple words. For the older children, we put words in the hearts, all with a certain topic. Since the circus was just in town many of the kids are talking about it, so we used a circus theme.  One boy was motivated to write more than he typically does. As he pulled out the words, he grouped them together to form sentences.  Then, he created and wrote a detailed story about a day at the circus!

opening words 3-d letters

matching letters2 matching letters

writing hearts

The kids all loved the “chocolate puzzle”, too!  We used two different colors of brown foam paper to create milk and dark chocolate pieces. Then, we emptied a chocolate candy heart container (of course we shared all of the chocolate with the grown-ups, first!)  and drew shapes in the bottom of it to represent candy pieces.  The kids had a ball strengthening their visual perceptual skills as they matched the chocolate pieces to the shapes in the box.

choco shapes


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