Teacher Tuesday: Having Fun on the 100th Day!!

Many classes and schools are now celebrating when they reach the 100 day mark in the school year.  This year we are lucky enough to have kindergarten teacher, Erica Cain from Mossy Creek Elementary in Cleveland, Georgia, let us celebrate with her class.

 To get prepared for the 100 day mark Erica asked some students to send in ten different small snack foods so the children could count out ten sets of ten to equal 100.

ready to count

Erica also asked each child to bring 100 of any item they choose.  Leading up the the 100th day Erica explained to the class that they would have a party and eat 100 pieces of food.  One of her student’s was so excited she told her parents she didn’t want to eat breakfast because she would be so full from eating 100 things at school. counting ready to count lily

 The students were so excited and had a great time celebrating all day.

How have you had fun on the 100th of school? Share your favorite ideas and pictures on our Facebook page.  We will pick 5 lucky winners on February 12th to win a Fundanoodle prize!  And if you’re interested Erica bought the 100 days plates and napkins from reallygoodstuff.com.


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