Teacher Tuesday: Monthly Creative Activity for Students

Every month I like to send my students home with a blank picture of something we will be studying in class.


Each student is asked to decorate the paper as he/she wishes using items they already have at home. The creative the better – stickers, glitter, ribbons, paper, crayons – anything! I give them a few weeks before asking them to bring it back to school.


I let each student present their creation in front of the class

As the year progresses, I will also send home some questions for the students to think about as they create. For example, at Christmas, I would ask the children where their Christmas tree is displayed. Is it in their own home or maybe is it placed in a forest for the animals to enjoy?Β  Or what kind of activities does your Ggingerbread person enjoy?Β  Does he/she ever get into trouble?Β  For older children, this can translate into a journal activity the next day in class. The possibilities with this monthly activity are endless.

This activity can be used for literacy, social studies, science and more! I’d love to hear how you use it in your class!



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