Therapist Thursday, Location, Location, Location!

Part 2 of Michelle Yoder’s blog series celebrating National Handwriting Day

clay1 clay

Last week we reinforced that practice makes perfect! This week, we focus on different locations and tools to make handwriting practice fun. Writing on different surfaces and with various writing tools help students gain interest in practicing and improving their writing skills.
Consider providing your students with the opportunity to write on dry erase boards, chalk boards, carpet squares, interactive white boards and Promenthean boards.  Offer other media such as sand, clay, aluminum foil, shaving cream, hair gel, pudding, insta-snow, etc., too. 

cornmeal cornmeal2
Allow them to practice with different writing utensils, too!  Kids love to experiment with the way different tools feel and the marks they produce.
•       A mechanical pencil feels and writes differently than a gel crayon.
•       Pastels have a nice texture and produce vivid marks on paper.
•       Chalk and markers are always fun for students, too.
•       Color Switcher markers by Crayola, are one of my favorites to use for early writers to foster      motor coordination by tracing lines and letters.
•       Take them outside and get silly by writing with frosting tubes or mustard!



One thought on “Therapist Thursday, Location, Location, Location!

  1. Great ideas to remind us that writing is more than pen and paper and that children learn more when they are having fun! Decades ago, as a public elem. teacher, I would allow my students to practice their spelling words in shaving cream on their desks. Not only was it a fun learning opportunity, but it worked wonders to clean the desk tops too!

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