Therapist Thursday: Practice makes perfect! Part 1

January 23 is National Handwriting Day. In celebration over the next few weeks we will be talking about the importance of handwriting instruction and fun ways to practice!

by: Michelle Yoder, OTR/L


Literature shows that when students are formally taught handwriting, and then given an opportunity to practice with functional and meaningful assignments, their writing proficiency improves. If a student is interested in the topic or activity, you’ll find they will be more likely to write for extended periods.

In a preschool classroom this might look like signing their name upon entering the classroom each morning and then prior to leaving in the afternoon. Dry-erase cards or boards are motivating for the students as they learn their letters.

In a Kindergarten or First grade classroom, the students could write about what they plan to do over the weekend or an upcoming holiday break. They could make a short grocery list of items needed to care for the class pet. Signing their first and last names along with a classroom chore upon completing the task would also allow increased writing experience.

Older children could write to a pen-pal or jot down items they would like to research. Ask them to write a persuasive letter regarding a school rule or to provide feedback on a recent visit to a favorite restaurant.

At home, you may ask your children to write birthday or holiday wish lists, thank you notes for presents received or a grocery list for lunch box items.

Fundanoodle’s I Can Write My Own Stories provides the opportunity for your students to be creative and improve their composition skills through motivating activities.

Make sure you celebrate National Handwriting Day with us! Fundanoodle will give out over 100 handwriting activity books the week of January 21st! All you have to do is post a photo on our Facebook page of how you are celebrating National Handwriting Day. Michelle gives you lots of good tips in this blog of pictures to take to show you celebrating!!


2 thoughts on “Therapist Thursday: Practice makes perfect! Part 1

  1. Jackie Sherrill says:

    Great Idea! It seems like we can work on handwriting skills forever! Either learning new words or how to write them, spacing and in a sentence. Practice, Practice, Practice!!!!
    I must say that my son is very interested in learning cursive. To my surprise it is not as important as when I was younger. When ever he sees me sign my name, he is like…… “I want to learn that! ” I did not know that it was not so important? We love Ms. Elizabeth and love to see her every week for the last few years! Thank you!!! 🙂

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